Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 46, Issue 13, pp 4606–4613 | Cite as

Controllable synthesis of hexagonal close-packed nickel nanoparticles under high nickel concentration and its catalytic properties

  • Yong Guo
  • Muhammad Usman Azmat
  • Xiaohui Liu
  • Jiawen Ren
  • Yanqin WangEmail author
  • Guanzhong LuEmail author


The hexagonal close-packed (hcp) Ni nanoparticles have been synthesized successfully in triethylene glycol with high ionic Ni concentration under the presence of protective agent (PVP or PEG). The protective agent (PVP or PEG) played an important role in the formation of hcp Ni. The crystal structure of nickel can be tuned by changing the concentration of Ni ions, reaction temperature, and amount of protectors. The X-ray diffraction and magnetic studies revealed the formation of pure hcp Ni. The VSM study showed that the magnetic properties of hcp Ni is quite different from that of face-centered cubic (fcc) Ni. The hcp Ni nanoparticle had a low saturation magnetization, while the coercivity value of hcp Ni was nearly the same as that of fcc Ni. A stable hcp Ni supported on γ-Al2O3 catalyst was also prepared successfully for the first time and its catalytic activity was investigated in the aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol. The achieved conversion of glycerol and selectivity to hydrogen was high up to 52 and 64%, while the selectivity to methane was only 5%, indicating the preventing of methanation on hcp Ni.


Primary Particle Size Triethylene Glycol Polyol Process Acetate Tetrahydrate Stainless Steel Tubular Reactor 



This project was supported financially by the 973 Program of China (2010CB732300), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 20973058), the Commission of Science and Technology of Shanghai Municipality (10XD1401400), and the “Excellent scholarship” of East China University of Science and Technology, China.


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  1. 1.Key Lab for Advanced Materials, Research Institute of Industrial CatalysisEast China University of Science and TechnologyShanghaiPeople’s Republic of China

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