Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 44, Issue 19, pp 5143–5148 | Cite as

Room temperature magnetic exchange coupling in multiferroic BaTiO3/CoFe2O4 magnetoelectric superlattice

  • J. X. Zhang
  • J. Y. DaiEmail author
  • W. Lu
  • H. L. W. ChanEmail author


Multiferroic BaTiO3/CoFe2O4 superlattice films are deposited by laser molecular beam epitaxy. The film growth modes are studied by in situ reflection high energy electron diffraction and the film structures are revealed by high resolution transmission electron microscopy study. Ferroelectric switching behavior was studied by piezoresponse force microscopy, and it shows that good ferroelectricity was retained in the superlattice. Such a multiferroic superlattice also shows a magnetic exchange coupling under room temperature. Detailed analysis reveals that different growth modes and the substrate strain effect may be responsible for the magnetic exchange coupling.


Growth Mode Coercive Field Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Reflect High Energy Electron Diffraction Piezoresponse Force Microscopy 



The authors would like to thank the financial support from the collaboration project grant between the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Beijing Institute of Technology (No. 1-BB84). J. Y. Dai is grateful to the financial support from the Hong Kong GRF grant: PolyU 5005/08P.


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  1. 1.Department of Applied PhysicsThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityKowloonHong Kong

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