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, Volume 43, Issue 22, pp 7230–7238 | Cite as

Mechanical and tribological behavior of clay–polypropylene nanocomposites

  • K. KannyEmail author
  • P. Jawahar
  • V. K. Moodley


This study deals with the wear rates and quasi-static mechanical properties of polypropylene (PP) infused with layered organo-modified montmorillonite nanoclays. Test results show that PP infused with 2 wt.% of organo-modified montmorillonite gives improved mechanical strength, higher fracture toughness, and lower wear rates. Transmission electron microscopy shows that the structure of the modified nanocomposite changes from an exfoliated structure at 1 wt.% nanoclay loading to an intercalated structures at 5 wt.% nanoclay loading. The general improvement in properties, which includes but not limited to the thermal barrier properties, may be attributed to the change in structure.


Stress Intensity Factor Strain Energy Release Rate Nanocomposite Sample Specific Wear Rate Clay Platelet 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringDurban University of TechnologyDurbanSouth Africa

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