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Relative strengths of phosphoric acid-reacted and alkali-reacted metakaolin materials

  • Dan S. PereraEmail author
  • John V. Hanna
  • Joel Davis
  • Mark G. Blackford
  • Bruno A. Latella
  • Yosuke Sasaki
  • Eric R. Vance

The use of binders such as phosphoric acid to consolidate aluminosilicates to form refractory products has been reported since the 1940s [1]. Another class of materials formed by reacting concentrated alkaline silicate solutions with metakaolin (MK) has been termed geopolymers by Davidovits [2]. MK is made by heating (~750 °C) of kaolin to render it X-ray amorphous and thus more reactive. In a geopolymer, the aluminosilicate is composed of cross-linked AlO4 and SiO4 tetrahedra, charge balanced with Na+ or K+ ions. It was shown by Cao et al. [3] that PO43− can be incorporated in the geopolymer structure. Derrien et al. [4] added calcium phosphates to geopolymers, but they did not show whether the phosphate was part of the geopolymer structure. MacKenzie et al. [5] showed that the P occupied tetrahedral sites in the geopolymer with a different chemical shift from that of the aluminium phosphate reactants. Cao et al. [3] made nine compositions with Si/P molar ratios of 0.13–0.63 by...


Geopolymer Open Porosity Silicate Solution Sodium Silicate Solution Aluminium Phosphate 



We thank Melody Carter for help with data presentation for the NMR work. We acknowledge the partial backing of the Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing, which is established and supported under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program.


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  • Dan S. Perera
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  • John V. Hanna
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  • Joel Davis
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  • Mark G. Blackford
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  • Bruno A. Latella
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  • Yosuke Sasaki
    • 1
  • Eric R. Vance
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  1. 1.Australian Nuclear Science and Technology OrganisationMenaiAustralia

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