Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 43, Issue 22, pp 7239–7246 | Cite as

On the relations between ISE and structure in some RE(Mg)SiAlO(N) glasses

  • R. DaucéEmail author
  • R. Keding
  • J.-C. Sangleboeuf


Six oxide and oxynitride glasses were synthesized in the Y–Mg–Si–Al–O–N, Nd–Mg–Si–Al–O–N and La–Mg–Si–Al–O–N systems. As already known, nitrogen introduction increases the Tg, packing factor and mechanical properties of the glasses. Cationic substitution also has an influence on the glasses’ behavior, particularly in terms of sensitivity to indentation load/size effect (ISE). The structure of the yttrium-containing glasses was investigated by mean of 27Al and 29Si MAS-NMR. Al is found to occur for 2/3 as a network former and for 1/3 as a modifier. The oxide glass mainly contains Q2 and Q3 silicate units and SiO3N and SiO2N2 units are created when nitrogen is introduced into the glass network. The average number of rigid bonds per network former \( \left\langle n \right\rangle \) was calculated from the glasses’ composition. A discrepancy between \( \left\langle n \right\rangle \) and the Raman spectra of the glasses suggests that parts of the magnesium behaves as a former in the network. \( \left\langle n \right\rangle \) seems to be a key parameter governing hardness and sensitivity to ISE and can be linked to normal/abnormal behavior of glasses regarding indentation.


Oxynitride SiAlON Oxide Glass Cationic Substitution Energy Balance Model 



Part of this work was financed by a grant from the French atomic energy commission. The authors thank A. Moréac for the Raman spectra acquisition and M. Le Floch for the NMR spectra acquisition and help for the simulation, U. Schmidt and A. Völzke, Max Planck Institute CPFS, Dresden, Germany, for the ICP-OES analysis.


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  1. 1.LARMAUR, FRE CNRS 2717Rennes CedexFrance
  2. 2.Chemistry and Environmental EngineeringAalborg UniversityAalborgDenmark

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