Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 43, Issue 15, pp 5230–5242 | Cite as

Evaluation of water degradation of vinylester and epoxy matrix composites by single fiber and composite tests

  • F. A. Ramirez
  • L. A. Carlsson
  • B. A. AchaEmail author


Degradation of the mechanical properties of vinylester and epoxy matrix composites exposed to water has been approached by monitoring the strengths of glass and carbon fibers and resins. In addition, the fiber/matrix (F/M) interface strengths and debond lengths of single-fiber composites were determined and test results were compared to test results of macroscopic composite specimens. The single-fiber tensile test results indicate a substantial loss of the tensile strength of glass fibers and the fragmentation tests reveal loss of F/M shear strength and substantial debonding for both glass and carbon fiber composites after water exposure. The transverse strengths of the composites are also degraded to large extents. The tests results identify water degradation of the F/M interface as a major strength limiting mechanism.


Vinylester Interface Shear Strength Fiber Break Flexure Strength Flexure Test 



The support of Office of Naval Research (ONR) under contract No. N00014-05-1-0341managed by Dr. Yapa Rajapakse is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are due to M. Rich and L.T. Drzal of MSU for SFFT advise.


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringFlorida Atlantic UniversityBoca RatonUSA
  2. 2.Department of Ocean EngineeringFlorida Atlantic UniversityDania BeachUSA

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