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, Volume 42, Issue 18, pp 7684–7689 | Cite as

Synthesis of a lightweight Ti–10Al–5Mg (wt.%) alloy by mechanical alloying followed by compaction and sintering

  • M. Caetano
  • B. TrindadeEmail author


A lightweight Ti–10Al–5Mg (wt.%) alloy was synthesized by mechanical alloying followed by cold compaction and sintering. A metastable hcp α-Ti(Al,Mg) solid solution was obtained after 5 h of milling. The c/a ratio of the hcp structure was found to increase with milling time. The particle size distribution of the mixture becomes broader and the dp50 value decreases as the milling time increases. The structure of the 900 and 1,100 °C sintered samples consist of an α-Ti(Al) solid solution matrix with α2-Ti3Al and MgO precipitates. Values of 11 and 188 GPa were obtained for the Hardness and Young’s modulus of 1,100 °C sintered sample, respectively, confirming the strength improvement of the Ti-based alloy.


Milling Mechanical Alloy Milling Time Sintered Sample Mercury Porosimetry 


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  1. 1.ICEMSMechanical Department of Coimbra UniversityCoimbraPortugal

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