Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 42, Issue 16, pp 6895–6900 | Cite as

Stresses in superconductor during oxygenation

  • Ladislav CenigaEmail author


The paper deals with an analytical model of stresses acting in the superconductor YBCO during an oxygenation process to transform the tetragonal lattice of the non-superconductive phase \({\hbox{YBa}_2\hbox{Cu}_3\hbox{O}_{7-{x_0}} (x_{0}=0.9)}\) to the orthorhombic lattice of the superconductive phase \({\hbox{YBa}_2\hbox{Cu}_3\hbox{O}_7}.\) Accordingly, the oxygenation-induced stresses originate as a consequence of the difference in dimensions of the crystalline lattices. Additionally, critical temperature of the oxygenation process with regard to a crack formation in the superconductor YBCO is derived.


Critical Temperature Crack Formation Radial Stress Crystalline Lattice Superconductive Phase 
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This work was supported by APVV No. COST-0022-06, by the Slovak Grant Agency VEGA (1/1111/04, 2/4062/04, 2/4173/04, 2/4175/04), by NANOSMART, Centre of Excellence, Slovak Academy of Sciences, by Science and Technology Assistance Agency under the Contracts APVT-51-049702, APVV-20-061505, APVV-20-024405, by SICMAC RTN2-2001-00488, by 2003 SO 51/03R8 06 00/03R 06 03-2003, by NENAMAT INCO-CT-2003-510363, by EU 5th FP Project No. GRD1-2000-25352 “Smart Weld”, by COST Action 536 and COST Action 538, by János Bolyai Research Grant NSF-MTA-OTKA grant—MTA: 96/OTKA: 049953, OTKA 63609.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Materials ResearchSlovak Academy of SciencesKošiceSlovak Republic

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