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Transformation of poly(dimethylsiloxane) into thin surface films of SiOx by UV/ozone treatment. Part II: segregation and modification of doped polymer blends

  • L. J. Matienzo
  • F. D. EgittoEmail author


UV/ozone treatment of organic polymers having silicone additives to produce oxidized layers was achieved by doping a host polymer or prepolymer with a silicone additive, poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS). The concentration of PDMS in the host polymer was low, typically in the range of 0.1–2.0% by weight. Host polymers were polyethylene, polyimide, and polyurethane. After film formation, the presence of PDMS was detected on the surface using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), consistent with wetting angle measurements that revealed a hydrophobic surface. The doped blend was then subjected to exposure in a UV/ozone environment such that a thin, stable barrier of SiOx was formed at the surface of the film. Rate of film modification was monitored by XPS and measurement of advancing contact angle using deionized water. XPS measurements also showed some evidence of modified fragments of the host polymer near the surface. Significant segregation of PDMS and subsequent transformation to silicon oxides has been demonstrated to occur in the

se doped systems. The stability of the modified glassy surface formed by UV/ozone treatment of a commercially available epoxy formulation containing a silicone additive was shown to be superior to that obtained by other treatment techniques, e.g., oxygen plasma modification.


Contact Angle PDMS Polyimide Polyurea Host Polymer 



The authors acknowledge Dr. Steven Fuerniss and Sarah Winnacker for assistance with film preparation, Kevin Chartrand for assistance with contact angle measurement, and Bruce Morrison for preparation of silane-doped epoxy samples.


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