Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 41, Issue 23, pp 7808–7813 | Cite as

Atom probe tomography characterization of solute segregation to dislocations and interfaces

  • M. K. MillerEmail author


The level and extent of solute segregation to individual dislocations and interfaces may be visualized and quantified by atom probe tomography. The large volume of analysis and high data acquisition rate of the local electrode atom probe (LEAP®) enables the solute distribution in the region of and along the core of dislocations to be estimated. Solute segregation at precipitate-matrix interfaces of precipitates as small as 2-nm diameter may be quantified. Examples are presented of solute segregation to dislocations and clustering/precipitation in a neutron irradiated Fe–Ni–P model alloy and the neutron irradiated beltline weld from the Midland reactor.


Atom Probe Atom Probe Tomography Solute Segregation Transmission Electron Microscope Characterization High Number Density 



The author thanks K. F Russell, M.A. Sokolov and R. K. Nanstad of Oak Ridge National Laboratory for their assistance and Prof. G. R. Odette of the University of California- Santa Barbara for providing one of the neutron irradiated materials used in this paper. Research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory SHaRE User Facility was sponsored by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy, under contract DE-AC05-00OR22725 with UT-Battelle, LLC and by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission under inter-agency agreement DOE 1886-N695-3W with the U.S. Department of Energy.


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  1. 1.Microscopy, Microanalysis, Microscopy Group, Materials Science and Technology DivisionOak Ridge National LaboratoryOak RidgeUSA

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