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, Volume 41, Issue 17, pp 5771–5774 | Cite as

Compression properties of z-pinned sandwich composites

  • A. P. MouritzEmail author

Sandwich composites are ultra-light weight structural materials consisting of thin face skins covering a low-density core. The skins are made of metal alloy sheet or fibre-reinforced polymer laminate, and provide the sandwich composite with high in-plane mechanical properties. A variety of low-density materials are used in the core, with the most common being metallic honeycomb, polymer foam, syntactic foam, Nomex® and balsa. Sandwich composites are used in a large number of structural applications because of their high in-plane properties and light-weight, including in aircraft, ships, rail carriages and buildings.

A major limitation of sandwich composites is their low through-thickness compression properties, which are determined by the compliant and weak core material. The compression modulus and strength in the through-thickness direction is less than 10% of the in-plane properties for most types of sandwich composites, and this has limited their use in structures that must support...


Compression Strength Volume Content Compression Modulus Syntactic Foam Foam Core 


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