Correction to: Bioavailability enhancement of hydrophobic nutraceuticals using γ-cyclodextrin

  • Yukiko UekajiEmail author
  • Keiji Terao

Correction to: Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry

The following parts of “Bioavailability enhancement of hydrophobic nutraceuticals using γ-cyclodextrin” by Yukiko Uekaji and Keiji Terao draw heavily from:

  • Uekaji, Y., Jo, A., Urano, A. and Terao, K. (2013). Application of gamma-cyclodextrin in nanomedicinal foods and cosmetics. In: Bio-Nanotechnology: A Revolution in Food, Biomedical and Health Sciences. Bagchi, D., Bagchi, M., Moriyama, H., Shahidi, F., Eds., John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  • Uekaji Y, Ikuta N, Rimbach G, Matsugo S, Terao K (2017) Enhancement of Oral Bioavailability of Functional Ingredients by Complexation with Cyclodextrin. J Drug Des Res 4(3):1043

  • Uekaji Y., Jo, A., Ohnishi M., Nakata D. Terao, K (2012) A New Generation of Nutra-ceuticals and Cosme-ceuticals Complexing Lipophilic Bioactives with –Cyclodextrin. Procedia Engineering 36 (2012) 540–550

including the following sections:
  • Introduction

  • Bioavailability enhancement of CoQ10 and its mechanism

  • Water solubility of CoQ10 in micelles after degradation of γ-CD by α-amylase

  • Solubility-enhancing effects of CoQ10 through the addition of TCNa or GZK2

  • Bioavailability enhancement of curcumin

  • Water solubility enhancement of curcumin by addition of TCNa to the γ-CD complex

  • Bioavailability enhancement of tocotrienol by complexation with γ-CD in the presence of TCNa

Conflict of interest

Authors also declare they are employed by CycloChem Bio Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CycloChem Co., Ltd., a company that develops and sells products using cyclodextrins.

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