Deeper in BLUE

Development of a roBot for Localization in Unstructured Environments
  • Iván del PinoEmail author
  • Miguel Á. Muñoz-Bañon
  • Saúl Cova-Rocamora
  • Miguel Á. Contreras
  • Francisco A. Candelas
  • Fernando Torres


Despite the progress that has been made with simulators and the existence of datasets, real experimental platforms are, and will continue to be necessary. Well-designed research platforms that produce reliable results and are easy to operate and debug make all the difference in research productivity. In this paper, we show the works that turned a stock electric cart into a research robot called BLUE. It provides a ROS interface that allows real-time control, monitoring, and adjustment of the system. We provide a quantitative performance evaluation, and a GitHub repository that contains all the information required to replicate the process.


Unmanned ground vehicle Mobile robot Localization GNSS SLAM Low-level control Extended Kalman filter ROS 


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We would like to thank Juan Andrade-Cetto and Joan Solà from the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI) for their advice and valuable discussion. We also would like to thank Mr. Antonio López Moraga, part time instructor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Alicante, for his help in the calibration of the GNSS receivers, and María Cutillas Muñoz for the excellent concept illustration in Fig. ??.


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