A Cooperative Aerial Robotic Approach for Tracking and Estimating the 3D Position of a Moving Object by Using Pseudo-Stereo Vision

  • J. C. Trujillo
  • R. MunguíaEmail author
  • E. Ruiz-Velázquez
  • B. Castillo-Toledo


This work presents a system that allows a team of aerial robots to follow a dynamic object moving in three dimensions. The system is composed of two Quadcopters equipped each one with an onboard monocular camera. A control system is proposed whose main objective is to maintain a stable flight formation of the Quadcopters with respect to the moving object. During the flight trajectory of both robots, its yaw, as well as the pitch of the cameras, are controlled in order to perform the visual tracking of the moving object. In this case, a pseudo-stereo visual system is formed from the cooperation between the two robots. The relative position of the moving object, which is in turn necessary for controlling the flight formation, is determined by triangulation by mean of the pseudo-stereo visual system. A Kalman Filter is used for estimating the states of both Quadcopters and the moving object. The stability of the control laws is proved using Lyapunov theory, and the performance of the system is validated by computer simulations.


Cooperative aerial robotics Control Estimation Pseudo-stereo vision 3D tracking 


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  1. 1.Department of Computer Science, CUCEIUniversity of GuadalajaraGuadalajaraMexico
  2. 2.Center for Research and Graduate Studies (CINVESTAV)ZapopanMexico

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