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Robust Trajectory Tracking for Unmanned Aircraft Systems using a Nonsingular Terminal Modified Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Controller

  • Filiberto Muñoz
  • Eduardo S. EspinozaEmail author
  • Iván González-Hernández
  • Sergio Salazar
  • Rogelio Lozano


Precision trajectory tracking problem for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is addressed in this work. A novel algorithm that combines a Nonsingular Modified Super-Twisting Controller with a High Order Sliding Mode Observer to enable an aerial vehicle tracking a desired trajectory under the assumption that i) its translational velocities are not available and ii) there are unmodeled dynamics and external disturbances. The proposed Sliding Mode Controller is based on a nonlinear sliding mode surface that ensures that the position and velocity tracking errors of all system’s state variables converge to zero in finite time. Moreover, the proposed controller generates a continuous control signal eliminating the chattering phenomenon. Finally, simulation results and an extensive set of experiments are presented in order to illustrate the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.


Nonsingular terminal modified super twisting High order sliding mode observer Unmanned aerial system RTK-GPS 


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A short version of this paper, entitled: Robust Trajectory Tracking for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Using High Order Sliding Mode Controllers-Observers, was presented in ICUAS 2017. This work was partially supported by the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology project Laboratorio Nacional en Vehículos Autónomos y Exoesqueletos 295536.


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  • Filiberto Muñoz
    • 1
  • Eduardo S. Espinoza
    • 1
    Email author
  • Iván González-Hernández
    • 1
  • Sergio Salazar
    • 2
  • Rogelio Lozano
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Cátedras Conacyt. UMI LAFMIA, CINVESTAV-IPNMéxico CityMéxico
  2. 2.UMI LAFMIA, CINVESTAV-IPNMexico CityMéxico
  3. 3.UTC-HEUDIASyC, Centre de Recherches de RoyallieuCompiegneFrance

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