M.F. Braby, D.C. Franklin, D.E. Bisa, M.R. Williams, A.A.E. Williams, C.L. Bishop and R.A.M Coppen: Atlas of butterflies and diurnal moths in the monsoon tropics of northern Australia

Australian National University Press, Canberra, 2019, xxxii + 430 pp, Au$ 135.00 (softback), ISBN (print) 978-1-760462321, (online) 978-1-760462338 (free electronic copy at
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The monsoon tropics of northern Australia are remarkable in that much of this large region is remote and has so far resisted the degradation and development so pervasive across much of the more southerly regions of the continent—indeed, it is one of few tropical regions to remain reasonably natural. Comprising about 1.5 million square kilometres (about 20% of Australia), in the authors’ words it ‘is renowned for its large and relatively intact natural landscapes, high biodiversity and strong indigenous culture’. They warn, however, of current pressures to exploit the area through increased pastoral and mining developments that will almost inevitably lead to substantial and irreversible changes over the next few decades. Information on the current biota, their distribution, conservation status and vulnerability to such future transformation is needed as the template for assessing impacts and, hopefully, guiding future development along sympathetic pathways. This Atlas is a notable...


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