Böhnert, Martin/Köchy, Kristian/Wunsch, Matthias (Eds.): Philosophie der Tierforschung. Vol. I: Methoden und Programme. Vol. II: Maximen und Konsequenzen. Vol. III: Milieus und Akteure

Karl Alber, Freiburg/München, 2016–2018, 1104 pp, €29.99 (Vol. I), €29.99 (Vol. II), €39.00 (Vol. III). ISBN: 978-3-495-48741-9/978-3-495-48742-6/978-3-495-48743-3
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Contemporary philosophy is faced with the harrowing prospect of climatic and ecological changes, including environmental pollution, the extinction of species, and the exploitation of nature, commonly seen as a human resource. While academic approaches such as postcolonial, post-race, post-gender, post-class or even posthumanones have reflected on and critiqued human systems of power and domination, the demand for ethics in the face of serious natural catastrophes is highly topical: for example, is it a matter of accepting responsibility for the anthropogenic transformation of the earth, and of mitigating its effects through innovative technologies and sustainable design? Or is this approach, rather, inappropriately preserving man’s sense of entitlement to design and administer the earth—even if this is done in the name of its conservation? Philosophy cannot be expected to provide quick and easy solutions to this dilemma. It is, however, challenged to reflect upon the categorical...


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