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It is an honor to be named Editor of the Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Thanks to the leadership of Elizabeth Dolan, I inherited a well-managed journal, a source for research on the economics of families across the globe. It is a testimony to her efforts that the journal now has an Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Impact Factor.

After a few months in this role, I realize how diligently she worked behind the scenes to ensure that every submission was carefully reviewed, and that the efforts of our authors, reviewers, staff, and the editorial board were recognized and respected. It is my hope that I not only continue in her footsteps, but expand on what has been accomplished under her direction.

A special thank you to the members of the Editorial Board for your support during the transition. For those continuing on the board, I appreciate your commitment to bringing quality research to the journal. To those who recently joined the board, welcome! I look forward to working together, challenging ourselves to rethink what we know, and to delve more deeply into research that examines the complexities of contemporary life at the intersection of families, societies, and economies.

Where do we go from here?

I remain committed to research on the foundational themes covered in the journal (e.g., social welfare, work and family, consumer finance, family business and entrepreneurship, health, family economics). Yet, our institutions are changing, affecting the everyday lives of individuals, families, and societies in new and unexpected ways. In addition to research that investigates the effects of social and economic factors, I am very interested in studies that explore the dramatic environmental and political realities we face. How are disruptive technologies, new business models, and global realities affecting our definitions of families and institutions? Such an approach can move us forward, providing new perspectives on core themes.

The Journal of Family Economic Issues has always welcomed studies examining these core themes from different disciplinary perspectives. I am committed to this multidisciplinary approach. At the same time, it is clear that the social categorizations used in our respective disciplines do not adequately capture the interconnected nature of these categorizations. Beyond differences by social class, race, or gender, I am interested in submissions that embrace analytical frameworks to identify the effects of overlapping categories. This intersectional approach is as an opportunity for new growth—and new knowledge. Now is the time to be bold, to be collaborative, and push the boundaries of our knowledge on families and economic issues!

Special Issues are one way to examine complex issues facing families from diverse perspectives. Our special issue on “Family and Entrepreneurship” is scheduled for March 2020, and the selection process is underway. Based on a “quick peek” it is going to be an interesting collection of articles. And, if you haven’t already seen the call for the special issue on “Couples, Families, and Finance,” a copy is included in this issue. I especially encourage couple- and family-level researchers to explore the connection between their areas of relationship expertise and potential financial causes and/or effects.

Ultimately, a quality journal is a shared enterprise. I have been entrusted with the leadership of the endeavor, but it is your continuing support that will ensure that the journal flourishes. I welcome your contributions, your questions, and your suggestions and I look forward to the process.


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