Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 85, Issue 6, pp 1136–1139 | Cite as

A Novel Reddish Orange Luminescent Material Sr3B2O6:Sm3+

  • İ. PekgözlüEmail author

The Sm3+ doped Sr3B2O6 phosphors were synthesized using a solution combustion synthesis method followed by heating of the precursor combustion ash at 1000°C in air. The synthesized phosphors were characterized by powder XRD. The photoluminescence properties of Sm3+-doped Sr3B2O6 were investigated at room temperature. The photoluminescence spectra at room temperature show the f–f transitions typical of Sm3+. The emission spectrum of Sr3B2O6:Sm3+ exhibited four sharp emission peaks corresponding to 4G5/26H5/2 (563–572 nm), 4G5/26H7/2 (598–614 nm), 4G5/26H9/2 (647–666 nm), and 4G5/26H11/2 (705–714 nm) transitions of Sm3+. The relation between the charge transfer band of Sm3+ ion and the host composition was discussed.


photoluminescence Sm3+ ion combustion synthesis Sr3B2O6 


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  1. 1.Bartin University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental EngineeringBartinTurkey

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