Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp 96–97 | Cite as

Correction to: Physical health in children with neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Setareh AlabafEmail author
  • Christopher Gillberg
  • Sebastian Lundström
  • Paul Lichtenstein
  • Nóra Kerekes
  • Maria Råstam
  • Henrik Anckarsäter
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Correction to: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in Fig. 3 part labels, the label “d” was incorrectly labelled as “c” and the subsequent labels should be corrected as d, e, and f. The corrected Fig. 3 is given below.

Fig. 3

The figures show the prevalence of lactose intolerance (a), celiac disease (b), diarrhea (c), constipation (d), daytime enuresis (e) and encopresis (f) in our study groups and the statistical comparison to the comparison group consisting of twins who screened negative for neurodevelopmental disorders. Statistical significance is marked by stars, where p < 0.05 is represented by *, p < 0.01 by ** and p < 0.001 by ***. NDDs neurodevelopmental disorders, ASD autism spectrum disorder, ADHD attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and LD learning disorder

The original article has been corrected.

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Gillberg Neuropsychiatry CentreInstitute of Neuroscience and Physiology, University of GothenburgGothenburgSweden
  2. 2.Center for Ethics, Law and Mental health (CELAM), Institute of Neuroscience and PhysiologyUniversity of GothenburgGothenburgSweden
  3. 3.Department of Medical Epidemiology and BiostatisticsKarolinska InstituteStockholmSweden
  4. 4.Department of Health SciencesUniversity WestTrollhättanSweden
  5. 5.Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Child and Adolescent PsychiatryLund UniversityLundSweden

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