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The second largest eigenvalues of some Cayley graphs on alternating groups

  • Xueyi Huang
  • Qiongxiang HuangEmail author


Let \(A_n\) denote the alternating group of degree n with \(n\ge 3\). The alternating group graph \(AG_n\), extended alternating group graph \(EAG_n\) and complete alternating group graph \(CAG_n\) are the Cayley graphs \(\mathrm {Cay}(A_n,T_1)\), \(\mathrm {Cay}(A_n,T_2)\) and \(\mathrm {Cay}(A_n,T_3)\), respectively, where \(T_1=\{(1,2,i),(1,i,2)\mid 3\le i\le n\}\), \(T_2=\{(1,i,j),(1,j,i)\mid 2\le i<j\le n\}\) and \(T_3=\{(i,j,k),(i,k,j)\mid 1\le i<j<k\le n\}\). In this paper, we determine the second largest eigenvalues of \(AG_n\), \(EAG_n\) and \(CAG_n\).


Alternating group graph Cayley graph Second largest eigenvalue 

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The authors are grateful to the anonymous referees for their useful and constructive comments, which have considerably improved the presentation of this paper.


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  1. 1.College of Mathematics and Systems ScienceXinjiang UniversityÜrümqiPeople’s Republic of China

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