Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp 39–44 | Cite as

Nano-engineering PdNi networks by voltammetric dealloying for ethanol oxidation

  • Jieting Ding
  • Shan JiEmail author
  • Hui WangEmail author
  • Bruno G. Pollet
  • Rongfang Wang
Research Article
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  1. Fuel cells


PdNi particle networks (PdNi NN) are prepared by voltammetric dealloying using catkin-like PdNi nanoparticles as precursor. It is found that voltammetric dealloying plays an important role for the formation of these networks. Electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction are employed to show the evolution of the morphology of the as-prepared catalysts. The results generated from the cyclic voltammetry experiments showed that the PdNi NN was electrocatalytically active toward the ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR). Compared with PdNi/C and commercial Pd/C, the oxidation peak potential of PdNi NN shifted positively by + 105 and + 168 mV, and the peak current density increased by 1.53 and 3.75 times. The high electrocatalytic activity of PdNi NN toward the EOR afforded the feasibility to exploit highly active electro catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells.

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PdNi Networks Dealloy Electrocatalyst Ethanol oxidation 



The authors would like to thank the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21766032 and 51661008) and Shenzhen Innovation Fund (JCYJ20160520161411353) for financially supporting this work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.College of Biological, Chemical Science and Chemical EngineeringJiaxing UniversityJiaxingChina
  2. 2.College of Chemical EngineeringQingdao University of Science and TechnologyQingdaoChina
  3. 3.Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)TrondheimNorway

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