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Ocular inflammation associated with relapsing polychondritis in Japanese patients: a review of 11 patients

  • Rie TanakaEmail author
  • Toshikatsu Kaburaki
  • Hisae Nakahara
  • Keiko Komae
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To investigate the clinical features of patients with ocular inflammation associated with relapsing polychondritis in Japan.


Ocular findings, systemic symptoms, and therapies were analysed retrospectively.


Nine of 11 patients had scleritis (diffuse scleritis: six patients, posterior scleritis: two patients, episcleritis: one patient) and two patients had anterior uveitis. All cases were bilateral, and ten patients experienced recurrent episodes. Auricular chondritis was the most common systemic symptom. Ten patients were administered systemic steroids, and five patients were administered other immunosuppressive medications for severe systemic symptoms. At their last visit, none of the patients had decreased visual acuity that resulted from relapsing polychondritis-associated ocular inflammation.


Ocular inflammation is often bilateral and recurring. Patients with ocular inflammation must be questioned regarding systemic symptoms so that the signs of relapsing polychondritis are not overlooked. Early diagnosis and prompt, appropriate treatment are important because relapsing polychondritis is a potentially lethal disease.


Ocular inflammation Relapsing polychondritis Scleritis Treatment Uveitis 



This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP 16K11281.

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