Conformance Test of AUTOSAR Network Management

  • Feng Luo
  • Yueyin XieEmail author


This paper focuses on designing an approach for the conformance test of AUTOSAR network management (NM). After analyzing the state machine of the NM module, a new approach based on the virtual network simulation is proposed according to the characters of the NM module. In this approach, a network simulation environment is created for DUT, in which some virtual nodes run according to the NM protocol, and the transitions among different NM modes are driven by the test scripts. During the test, the software monitor records all the data to check the conformation of the DUT. After all the research above, a certain type body controller module from an OEM is selected to verify the validity of the new approach. The result of the test showed that this approach is effective for the conformance test of AUTOSAR NM.


AUTOSAR Network management Conformance test Virtual network simulation 


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  2. 2.New Energy Automotive Engineering CenterTongji UniversityShanghaiChina

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