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Publisher’s announcement


The publisher and the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Speech Technology would like to inform its readers that the September issue publishes contributions for three special issues. The titles of the special issues, names of the guest editors and articles concerned are listed below.

1 Special issue on ‘Emotion Recognition in Speech’, guest editor Imen Trabelsi

Emotions recognition: different sets of features and models

C. Jeyalakshmi

Improving the performance of the speaker emotion recognition based on low dimension prosody features vector

Ashishkumar Gudmalwar

Enhanced speech emotion detection using deep neural networks

S. Lalitha

Emotional speech analysis using harmonic plus noise model and Gaussian mixture model

Jang Singh

Prosodic Transformation in Vocal Emotion Conversion for multi-lingual scenarios—a pilot study

Deepa Gupta

Classifying females’ stressed and neutral voices using acoustic–phonetic analysis of vowels: an exploratory investigation with emergency calls

Lauri Tavi

Automatic music emotion classification using hashtag graph

Deepti Chaudhary

2 Special issue on ‘Speech and Next Generation Computing’, guest editors Med Salim Bouhlel and Neelanjan Dey

Convolutional support vector machines for speech recognition

Vishal Passricha

Reference free speech quality estimation for diverse data condition

Nirupam Shome

A hybrid approach for Arabic lemmatization

Mohamed Boudchiche

Dual estimation based vocal tract shape computation

Subhasmita Sahoo

Speech signal analysis as an alternative to spirometry in asthma diagnosis: investigating the linear and polynomial correlation coefficient

John Kutor

3 Special issue on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Speech Processing’, guest editor Hanane Tebbi

Unsupervised learning blocking keys technique for indexing Arabic entity resolution

Marwah Alian

Speech enhancement by combining spectral subtraction and minimum mean square error-spectrum power estimator based on zero crossing

Thimmaraja Yadava

A new hybrid approach for speech synthesis: application to the Arabic language

Hanane Tebbi

Amy Neustein


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