Localization of Subsurface Defects in Uncoated Aluminum with Structured Heating Using High-Power VCSEL Laser Arrays

  • E. ThielEmail author
  • M. Ziegler
  • T. Studemund
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  1. ICPPP-19: Selected Papers of the 19th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena


We report on photothermal detection of subsurface defects by coherent superposition of thermal wave fields. This is made possible by structured heating using high-power VCSEL laser arrays whose individual emitter groups can be arbitrarily controlled. In order to locate the defects, we have developed a scanning method based on the continuous wavelet transformation with complex Morlet wavelet using the destructive interference effect of thermal waves. This approach can also be used for thermally very fast and highly reflective materials such as uncoated aluminum. We show that subsurface defects at an aspect ratio of defect width to defect depth down to \( 1/3 \) are still detectable in this material.


Heat diffusion Structured heating Subsurface defects Thermal wave VCSEL Wavelet transformation 


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