Theoretical Study of the Conditions of Maximum Manifestation of the Error Due to Inhomogeneity of Thermocouple Legs

  • Zhigang Liu
  • Wenguang Song
  • Orest KochanEmail author
  • Mykola Mykyichuk
  • Su Jun


The method of theoretical analysis of temperature ranges for the maximum manifestation of the error due to acquired thermoelectric inhomogeneity of thermocouple legs is proposed in this paper. The drift function of the reference function of a type K thermocouples in a ceramic insulation, that consisted of 1.2 mm diameter thermoelements after their exposure to 800 \(^{\circ }\)C for 10 000 h in an oxidizing atmosphere (air), is analyzed. The method takes into account various operating conditions to determine the optimal conditions for studying inhomogeneous thermocouples. The method can be applied for other types of thermocouples when taking into account their specific characteristics and the conditions that they have been exposed to.


Drift of a reference function Error due to inhomogeneity of a thermocouple Industrial temperature measurement Thermocouple 



This work was supported by Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province of China (2014CFB605), Foundation of Wuhan Science and technology Bureau (2015030809020370), Doctoral Scientific Research Fund from Hubei University of Technology (No. BSQD14037).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Zhigang Liu
    • 1
  • Wenguang Song
    • 2
  • Orest Kochan
    • 3
    Email author
  • Mykola Mykyichuk
    • 3
  • Su Jun
    • 4
  1. 1.Control Technology InstituteWuxi Institute of TechnologyWuxiChina
  2. 2.School of ComputerYangtze UniversityJingzhouChina
  3. 3.Department of Information-Measuring EngineeringLviv Polytechnic National UniversityLvivUkraine
  4. 4.School of Computer ScienceHubei University of TechnologyWuhanChina

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