Sulfur Hexafluoride: A Novel Fixed Point for Contact Thermometry

  • S. N. DedyulinEmail author
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In this paper, we report on the development at NRC of a sulfur hexafluoride (\(\text {SF}_6\)) fixed-point cell for calibrating long-stem standard platinum resistance thermometers. Discussed in detail are the unique challenges of constructing the high-pressure fixed-point cell and realizing the triple point of \(\text {SF}_6\) in a commercial stirred liquid bath.


Fixed-point cell Sulfur hexafluoride Triple point 



The author would like to thank Andrew Todd, Patrick Rourke, Masahiko Gotoh, Wes Tew, Doug Gee and Don Woods for useful discussions. The author is also grateful to Andrew Todd and Michelle Dedyulin for proofreading the manuscript.


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