Hyperfine Interactions

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TAMUTRAP facility: Penning trap facility for weak interaction studies

  • Praveen D. ShidlingEmail author
  • Veli S. Kolhinen
  • Benjamin Schroeder
  • Nasser Morgan
  • Asim Ozmetin
  • Dan Melconian
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  1. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Trapped Charged Particles and Fundamental Physics (TCP 2018), Traverse City, Michigan, USA, 30 September-5 October 2018


In the low-energy regime, precision measurements in nuclear β −decay continue to be a sensitive tool to search for new physics beyond the standard model (SM). The primary goal of the Texas A&M University Penning trap facility (TAMUTRAP) is to improve the limits on non-SM processes in the weak interaction. In particular, scalar currents, by measuring the βν angular correlation parameter (aβν), for T = 2, super-allowed β −delayed proton emitters. The precise measurement of energy Doppler shift of the proton following β+ −decay is sensitive to βν angular correlation coefficient, which is unity (aβν= 1) for pure Fermi transition in the absence of scalar currents. The experiments will be performed in a unique large bore cylindrical Penning trap with an inner radius of 90 mm, which is larger than any existing Penning trap across the world. The TAMUTRAP facility has been commissioned off-line and has demonstrated the ability to perform high precision mass measurements. We describe here the facility overview and summarize the current status towards the first measurement of βν angular correlation for T = 2, beta delayed proton emitters using a large bore cylindrical Penning trap with closed end caps.


Penning trap β-decay Angular distribution and correlation measurements Weak-Interactions of leptons 



This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Grant No. DEFG02-93ER40773 and Early Career Award ER41747.


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  • Veli S. Kolhinen
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  • Benjamin Schroeder
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  • Nasser Morgan
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  • Asim Ozmetin
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  • Dan Melconian
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  1. 1.Cyclotron InstituteTexas A&M UniversityCollege StationUSA
  2. 2.Department of Physics and AstronomyTexas A&M UniversityCollege StationUSA

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