Methods to Combat the Causes of Damage to the Steam-Forming Pipes of the Low-Pressure Circuit in CCPP Heat Recovery Steam Generators

  • V. S. PankovEmail author
  • E. A. Smirnov

The reliability and effectiveness of the operation of combined-cycle power plants (CCPP) depend largely on the erosion-corrosion resistance of the power system equipment, including heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). Foreign and domestic experience shows that one of the most widespread failure modes is wear of the low-pressure evaporator tube system (LPETS), resulting in premature reduction of metal thickness and sudden fracture of low-pressure evaporator (LPE) components of CCPP heat recovery steam generators. A lists of the primary factors that affect the occurrence and development of flow-accelerated corrosion is provided. Data is presented on the dependence of the erosion-corrosion rate of various metals in water on the temperature and a velocity of the working medium. Problems that arise in the LPEs of the heat recovery steam generators Kirishi State District Power Plant and paths for resolution are examined.


heat recovery steam generator P-132 flow-accelerated corrosion CCPP Kirishi State District Power Plant LPE OGK-2 


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  2. 2.PAO OGK-2KirishiRussia

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