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S. Ravi Rajan (Ed): Genealogies of Environmentalism. The Lost Works of Clarence Glacken

Charlottesville, University Of Virginia Press 2017. ISBN 9780813939087, Price $35.00 (Paper). X + 198 Pages, Index
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It has been more than five decades since the publication of Clarence Glacken’s seminal work on the history of environmental ideas, and more than three decades since the manuscript of his sequel to that work disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Glacken’s Traces on the Rhodian Shore, which was published in 1967, provided a carefully researched genealogy of important environmental ideas from ancient times to the end of the eighteenth century. His sequel, which was completed in 1982, was intended to extend this genealogical analysis into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Unfortunately Glacken’s sequel was never published, and it is widely believed that the manuscript was destroyed.

Now through the determined effort of S. Ravi Rajan, we have access to some of the genealogical analysis of that lost work. Inspired by the discovery of a handwritten manuscript in the Bancroft Library at UC, Berkeley (where Glacken once taught and served as chairperson of the Geography Department),...

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