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Immune cell diversity contributes to the pathogenesis of myocarditis

  • Xiumeng Hua
  • Jiangping SongEmail author


Myocarditis (MCD) is a type of inflammatory disease in which inflammatory cells infiltrate the myocardium, leading to cardiac dysfunction, myocardial necrosis, and fibrosis. Although it has been reported that MCD is mediated by T cells, the immune system is complex and includes many types of immune cells that interact with one another. Through investigations of the inflammatory responses in MCD including myocardial necrosis, fibrosis, and arrhythmia, we have gained further insight into the pathogenesis of MCD. This article aims to discuss the diversity and the roles of immune cells involved in the pathogenesis of MCD. Moreover, immunotherapy for the treatment of MCD remains controversial, and further investigation is required to identify accurate immunotherapies for special cell types.


Myocarditis Immune cell diversity Interaction Pathogenesis Immunotherapy 



This study was funded by CAMS Innovation Fund for Medical Sciences (CIFMS, 2016-I2M-1-015), PUMC Youth Fund (2016-XHQN03) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81670376).

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