Heart Failure Reviews

, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 17–30 | Cite as

Loop diuretics in chronic heart failure: how to manage congestion?

  • Justas SimonavičiusEmail author
  • Christian Knackstedt
  • Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca


Loop diuretics remain the cornerstone of congestion management in contemporary chronic heart failure care. However, their use is not supported by high quality data, and there is doubt about the safety in the outpatient heart failure setting. Still, congestion is related to a worse outcome, and there is general consensus among experts that congestion should not be tolerated in heart failure patients. Recommendations in international guidelines, regarding decongestion strategies in chronic heart failure, are limited. Thus, there is an emerging need for clinical decision-making support about the best strategy for using loop diuretics and decongestion in the chronic setting. The present review provides a comprehensive overview over the evidence of chronic loop diuretic use. Strategies for the assessment of congestion in the outpatient setting and decongestion algorithm are provided to assist health care specialists in delivering high-quality heart failure care.


Chronic heart failure Volume overload Decongestion Loop diuretic Diuretic therapy Diuretic resistance 


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