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Angela Ki Che Leung and Izumi Nakayama, eds.: Gender, Health, and History in Modern East Asia

Hong Kong University Press, 2017, 336 pp., 41 b&w illus., $50.00 Hardback, ISBN: 9789888390908
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Book Review

Gender, Health, and History in Modern East Asia, edited by Angela Ki Che Leung and Izumi Nakayama, is an important recent addition to the growing body of scholarship on the history of medicine in East Asia. In this work, the authors examine medicine and health with focus on gender—including explorations of reproductive technologies, women’s health, and gendered concepts of femininity and masculinity. Anthropologist Francesca Bray’s incisive and thorough introduction frames the collection. The following nine chapters are divided into three topical sections: Part I “Bodies beyond Boundaries: Evolving Physical Development and Reproductive Technologies,” Part II “Women Producing and Consuming Health Knowledge: Embracing Drugs, Vitamins, and Food,” and Part III “Potent(ial) Virility: Labor, Migration, and the Military in the Construction of Masculinity.”

Bray’s introduction explores how Western conceptions of “health” and “gender” translate from European contexts to Asian cultures and...


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