Stefanie Buchenau and Roberto Lo Presti, eds.: Human and Animal Cognition in Early Modern Philosophy and Medicine, University of Pittsburg Press, Pittsburgh, 2017, 354 pp., ISBN: 978-0-8229-4472-0

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Human and Animal Cognition in Early Modern Philosophy and Medicine, edited by Stefanie Buchenau and Robert Lo Presti, emerged from a 2012 conference at Humboldt University. This event brought together scholars from two research programs: the German Alexander von Humboldt Forschungsprogramm “Medicine of the Mind, Philosophy of the Body” and the French ANR-Philomed Project “la refonte de l’homme: découvertes médicales et philosophie de la nature humaine, XVII–XVIII siècles.” The essays reflect the two programs’ shared interest in the interface between medical practice and philosophy during the early modern period. To blur the distinction between purely “medical” and purely “philosophical” concerns, the authors demonstrate a historical interdependence of research surrounding issues of the body, soul, physiology, health, human nature, and the mind. The sixteenth through eighteenth centuries gain greater texture in this volume and defy the atomistic tendencies of scholarly periodization.



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