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Sara Kenney and John Watkiss, Surgeon X, Vol. 1–6: The Path of Most Resistance (London: Image Comics, 2017), 218 pp., $14.99, ISBN-10: 1534301542

  • Cristina Moreno LozanoEmail author
Biology in Culture

Sara Kenney and John Watkiss’s suggestive comic Surgeon X is set in a what-if scenario that depicts what medical practice could look like in a post-antibiotic world. Following the protagonist of this story, National Health Service (NHS) doctor Rosa Scott, we travel to Great Britain in 2036 to find a world depleted of antibiotics. The story starts with a series of policy failures in controlling the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which has led to severe control measures of antibiotic consumption. Biological research and the practice of biomedicine are central to this fictional account, which may inspire reflections for historians of biology and biomedicine relating to medical practices and pharmaceutical marketing.

The six-volume comic series presents a world in which access to medicine becomes controlled by the “Antibiotic Preservation Act,” a law introduced by the newly elected right-wing Lion Heart Party. It follows in the wake of a series of unsuccessful reforms by...

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