Bruno J. Strasser, Collecting Experiments. Making Big Data Biology (University of Chicago Press, 2019), 386 pp., $37.62 Paper, ISBN: 978-0226635040

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Bruno Strasser’s Collecting Experimentsis a long-awaited piece of work, and worth the wait. More than two decades ago historians of twentieth-century biology became mesmerized by the marriage of comparative and experimental traditions at the roots of today’s data-deluge and called for data-driven research in the life sciences. Strasser’s book is important in many ways, no less because it feels like the culmination of a historiographical trend, one that has put to rest a simplified view of the history of biology as the opposition of a “mere descriptive” approach and an analytical/interventionist attack on the study of living beings. To this aim the author focuses on several local developments, covered in six chapters more or less chronologically organized, that account for the extraordinary journeys that brought together the comparative methods associated with natural history and the experimental biology of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. These journeys resulted in what...

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