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Patrick Manning and Mat Savelli, eds., Global Transformations in the Life Sciences, 19451980 (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018), 366 pp., $45.00 Cloth, ISBN: 9780822945277

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Book Review

Global Transformations in the Life Sciences, 19451980 is an anthology that brings together eleven case studies. The contributors combine theoretical and methodological characteristics of the history of science and world history to interrogate the question of “transformation” in the post-war world. Looking back at the past half-century, the motivations, practices, and applications of life sciences have been highly political. In addition, the volume attempts to break away from the US-centered approach by including stories of enterprises by international organizations and examples drawn from Eastern Europe and East Asia behind the “Iron Curtain”. The book is an innovative attempt to critique and strengthen existing debates on questions such as “What is life?,” “What is global?,” “What brings about transformation?,” and “What has been transformed?”

The world map after World War II was complex. In addition to the Cold War, as highlighted by the editors, scientists worked under newly formed...



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