Louise M. Thomas, Anne B. Reinertsen: Academic writing and identity constructions: performativity, space and territory in academic workplaces

Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2019, pp. 209
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Writing has long been regarded as indispensable for human beings, as stated in Reading maketh a full man …. (Bacon 1625/1998, p. 111), and academic writing has been appreciated in the quantified academia, as represented in the “publish-or-perish” policy. Given that existing studies on academic writing and identity predominantly focus on ontological issues (metadiscourse markers, rhetorical devices, etc.) while complexity of academic identity construction has not been attached adequate attention, Thomas and Reinertsen (2019) provides readers with novel ideas about this issue.

The volume has 11 chapters and begins with an invitation to de-comforting writing, followed by introductions to the chapters, emphasizing the book is “unfinished thinking and continual theorizing,” consisting entanglements colored by the thoughts of different thinkers and philosophers.

Chapter 2 positions academic writing as a continual process of identity construction and a tool for agency and resistance through...


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This work was supported by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission (19SKGH058) and SFS in CQJTU (2017WZ01).


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