Isometry groups of closed Lorentz 4-manifolds are Jordan

  • Ignasi Mundet i RieraEmail author
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We prove that for any closed Lorentz 4-manifold (Mg) the isometry group \({\text {Isom}}(M,g)\) is Jordan. Namely, there exists a constant C (depending on M and g) such that any finite subgroup \(\Gamma \le {\text {Isom}}(M,g)\) has an abelian subgroup \(A\le \Gamma \) satisfying \([\Gamma :A]\le C\).


Closed Lorentz manifolds Finite groups of isometries Jordan property 

Mathematics Subject Classification

57S17 54H15 53C50 



I wish to thank V. Popov for some corrections and useful comments on this paper.


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