Mechanism of Coordinate Anchorage Support of Bolt-Single Anchor Cable for Gob-Side Entry Roof

  • Hong-chao Li
  • Ke DingEmail author
  • Qiang Xu
  • Qiang Zhang
Original Paper


Although fully mechanized caving mining technology has been widely used in China for thick seam mining, the support mechanism for a gob-side entry roof remains unclear under this condition. Taking the No. 3304 mining face of Dongtan Coal Mine as the engineering background, this paper seeks to solve this problem. First, the coordinate support mechanism of a bolt-single anchor cable for a gob-side entry roof is analyzed from two aspects: the bearing capacity of single anchor cable and prestress coordination of a bolt-angle anchor cable. Then, the anchoring parameters are optimized combined with FLAC3D numerical simulation followed by field practice. Results of the field practice show that the coordinate support effect was fully utilized when applying bolt-single anchor cable support. The deformation of roadway surrounding rock was effectively controlled.


Fully mechanized caving Gob-side entry Bearing capacity Prestress Bolt-single anchor cable 


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