Gilbert Ritschard and Matthias Studer (eds.): Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches. Innovative Methods and Applications

Springer 2018
  • Christian Brzinsky-FayEmail author

The book aims at collecting recent developments in sequence analysis, an exploratory method for ordered categorical data, which has found its way from Biology into the Social Sciences since the late 1980s. It collects the most important contributions of the “International Conference on Sequence Analysis and Related Methods” that took place in Lausanne in 2016, where the editors attracted many of the established researchers in this field plus a couple of those researchers who were quite new to this method. The edited volume makes a couple of valuable contributions to the field. Regarding the development of the method over time, the book is at the frontier and focusses on the most pressing questions regarding its further development. As Ritschard/Studer formulate in the introductory chapter, these are the combination with other methods (Parts II, III & IV), grouping procedures (Part V) and visualization of complexity. The latter topic is not treated in a particular chapter, but...



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