Christian List: Why Free Will is Real

Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2019. Hardback (ISBN 9780674979581) € 22.50. 215 Pp.
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Christian List: Why Free Will is Real.

In Why Free Will is Real, Christian List argues that free will is a higher-level phenomenon: something found at the level of psychology rather than at the level of physics. Of course, the psychological is not wholly independent of the physical: “At bottom, all higher-level phenomena stem from the interaction of elementary particles, fields, and forces” (7). But List argues that this does not mean that the psychological is reducible to the physical in a way that calls the reality of the former (or of free will) into question.

Several topics familiar to students of the free will debate receive comparatively little attention here: the reader will not find, for example, detailed discussions of the consequence argument, Frankfurt cases, or manipulation thought experiments. Instead, this brief, provocative, and engagingly written book introduces readers to a set of issues that other texts on free will often treat lightly, but that a complete account of...

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