Maria Paola Ferretti, The Public Perspective. Public Justification and the Ethics of Belief

London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. Hardback ISBN 978-1-78,660-872-7, 133 €. 196 pages
  • Giulia BistagninoEmail author

There is little doubt that one of the most long-standing and hotly debated issues in political philosophy concerns how democratic societies should deal with the problem of disagreement. As it is well known, crucial to the liberal perspective is the concept of public justification and the idea that, since political authority must in some sense rest on the free consent of those subjected to it, government actions must be justified to all citizens with public reasons. Maria Paola Ferretti’s The Public Perspective. Public Justification and the Ethics of Beliefconstitutes an intriguing and refreshing take on this extremely discussed and controversial topic. In particular, the book is significant in its attempt to find a proper and authoritative place for science and truth within the boundaries of public justification, hence without renouncing the idea that free moral agency should be recognized to all citizens alongside the fact of pluralism. In times when it is commonplace to talk about...


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