The Evolution of Moral Progress. A Biocultural Theory

Allen Buchanan and Russell Powell: The Evolution of Moral Progress. A Biocultural Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. Hardcover (ISBN 9780190868413), € 30. 440 + Xiv Pp.
  • Marie-Luisa FrickEmail author

The question of moral progress leads into shaky terrain. Is it even possible to raise it in a scientific context, given that benchmarks of progress are inevitably biased? And what is morality, after all? Undoubtedly, the idea of moral progress has suffered too many blows to serve as an immaculate guiding light in postmodern times. However, are challenges from cultural criticism and moral epistemology reason enough to cease investigating ‘moral progress’ altogether? As the recent rediscovery of moral progress as a question and object of research indicates, there remains a lot to learn, even if one is convinced that definitude is out of reach from within the realms of meaning, positing or (de-)valuing, or if one doubts linear global ‘moral progress’.

The Evolution of Moral Progress: A Biocultural Theoryby Allen Buchanan (Duke University/King’s College) and Russell Powell (Boston University) slots neatly into existing debates. Integrating findings from various fields of research, the...



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