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Announcement 1

Call for nominations for the 2019 Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal awards

Dear Members of the International Mathematics Education Community,

It is at this time of the even-numbered years that calls for the ICMI Klein and Freudenthal Awards are being issued. The call for the current round, the 2019 awards, is presented below. Please read it carefully and consider coming up with a nomination. True, preparing submissions requires much thought and not a small amount of work, but such investment is not too much to ask when it comes to honoring a person whose work has had a substantial, valuable impact on us all. Within our flourishing field, there is quite a number of richly deserving candidates. Do remember, however, that without your help, they may not be honored. Indeed, ICMI Awards Committee can only choose recipients from officially submitted nominations for the current round, accompanied by full documentation, as specified in the call.

Thank you for considering this...


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