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Echoes from the past: a genetic trace of native brown trout in the Italian Alps

  • Fabrizio StefaniEmail author
  • Antonella Anzani
  • Alessandro Marieni


Mitochondrial dloop and nuclear tnfa II sequences were sequenced from brown trout collected in the Vesta River (Italian Alps), situated in the middle of a Pleistocene ice free refugia area east of the Lake Garda. Haplotypes belonging to the native Adriatic lineage were mixed with other from the Atlantic and Marble lineages. A probabilistic approach, based on simulations, indicated the likelihood of a past introgression of Atlantic haplotypes into native populations belonging to the Adriatic lineage. These results argue in favor of a past natural presence of brown trout in the Italian Alps, in particular in ice free refugia areas, which have been almost completely wiped out by the massive and extensive introduction of Atlantic hatchery stocks.


Brown trout Dloop Tnfa II Italian Alps Pleistocene 



This research was conducted within the project “LA.CUST.R.E. Lavori in alveo per custodire la rete ecologica”, financed by Cariplo Foundation, Lumbardy, Italy. We also thank the “APD La Fario ZPS” association (Toscolano Maderno, Italy) for help during the sampling session.


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  1. 1.Water Research Institute-National Research Council (IRSA-CNR)Brugherio (MB)Italy
  2. 2.Centro Studi Biologia ed Ambiente sncErba (CO)Italy

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