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The hell with abolishing or reforming Canada’s guest workers programs: developing a migrant-centred approach to migration

  • Chris RamsaroopEmail author
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I share Binford’s frustrations regarding Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (CSAWP). In fact, I think our positions are pretty similar whereby I believe as he does that “inscribed in the program should therefore be allowed to continue to work in Canada on the same terms as resident/citizen workers, in that way gaining access to the Canadian dollars on which their households have become dependent.”

Over the past two decades, we have seen Canada’s demand for temporary foreign workers increases substantially with little regard for the rights of migrant workers. Legal and political advocacy has created few inroads into the strength of capitalist agricultural production. Very little has changed since the inception of the program in 1966.

However, I believe that the discussion should not focus on reform or abolition but center on a third approach that ends the brutality that exists through employer-restricted immigration regimes and piecemeal reforms that perpetuate the...


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