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Recursive constructions for s-resolvable t-designs

  • Tran van TrungEmail author


In this paper we investigate simple t-designs having s-resolutions for \(t \ge 3\) and \(1 \le s <t\). The study focuses particularly on recursive construction methods for these designs. One of the results, viewed as the main theorem, presents a general and effective method for finding s-resolvable t-designs, and it also yields statements about large sets of s-designs as by-products. As an example, we show the construction of a 3-resolvable infinite family of simple 4-designs with parameters 4-\((2^n+2,7, 70(2^n-2)/3)\), \(\gcd (n,6)=1\), \(n \ge 5\).


s-Resolvable Simple t-design Recursive construction 

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