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Gaps between prime numbers and tensor rank of multiplication in finite fields

  • Hugues RandriamEmail author
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We present effective upper bounds on the symmetric bilinear complexity of multiplication in extensions of a base finite field \(\mathbb {F}_{p^2}\) of prime square order, obtained by combining estimates on gaps between prime numbers together with an optimal construction of auxiliary divisors for multiplication algorithms by evaluation-interpolation on curves. Most of this material dates back to a 2011 unpublished work of the author, but it still provides the best results on this topic at the present time. Then a few updates are given in order to take recent developments into account, including comparison with a similar work of Ballet and Zykin, generalization to classical bilinear complexity over \(\mathbb {F}_p\), and to short multiplication of polynomials, as well as a discussion of open questions on gaps between prime numbers or more generally values of certain arithmetic functions.


Finite fields Bilinear complexity Tensor rank Prime numbers Algebraic curves 

Mathematics Subject Classification

12Y05 (main) 11A41 11T71 14Q05 



H. Randriam was supported by ANR-14-CE25-0015 Project Gardio and ANR-15-CE39-0013 Project Manta.


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